June 28, 2017

Our Staff

dragon-eyeRaeyn: Founder

I started playing games at a very young age beginning with good ole’ Mario Bros. on the SNES. One of my earliest memories is of wanting to tear my hair out while playing Yoshi’s Island when I was five.  Read more…

Syn's avatarSyndrome: Co-Founder

I am a lifetime gamer and have been playing games on the PC for as long as I can remember. I love old games mostly for the innovation and creativity in them. Read more…

mhorgainMhorgain: Assistant Editor

Mhorgain is a recent college grad (English and History), and is the Editor of +10 to Fire Resist.

As with the other two Mhorgain has played games for most of her life.  Read more…

radical helmetRadical Helmet: Contributor

I’m a videogame blogger, one of many, fighting for our medium. Read more…



jayJay: Assistant Editor

I’ve been playing games and writing for my whole life, so it’s only natural that the Read more….



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 Andrew: Contributor

Hi. I’m a writer. And an engineer. And a let’s player. And streamer.

What? Yes. Of course I have time for all of that! Of… course… Read more…


Denis Ricardo Denis: Contributor

I am a Nintendo enthusiast. Occasionally dipping a toe in other systems, I always find myself going back to Nintendo hardware and exclusives. Read more…



Simon: Contributor

Simon is a writer and editor living in NYC. A longtime reader and gamer (of both video-and tabletop- varieties) Read more…


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Taringator: Twitch Community Manager, Contributor

I am a high school student, academic, and ardent video gamer who has been connected to the gaming world for a long time. Read more…


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Tam, Community Manager

Tam is a small, typically nocturnal, warm weather creature. First spotted decades ago while stealing her bother’s NES Read more…. 



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