March 30, 2017


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Hi. I’m a writer. And an engineer. And a let’s player. And streamer.

What? Yes. Of course I have time for all of that! Of… course…


I have an unhealthy collection of hobbies, and no time to do them all, but I love it anyway. I spend a lot of time talking about video games, and how people can make them better.

In particular, I have an interest in writing, and especially characterization – give me some good characters and I’ll put up with almost anything, but if you make them terrible, it’s going to be a bad time for everyone. Let’s be honest – video games have a long way to go to catch up to other forms of media, but only by taking them seriously and talking about them the same way are we going to improve.

When I’m not talking about video games, I play them as part of Infinite Errors on Youtube.(link: or streaming on Twitch ( or writing my second novel ( Or – what do you mean I’m out of space? Bah.

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