March 23, 2017


Denis Ricardo Contributor

I am a Nintendo enthusiast. Occasionally dipping a toe in other systems, I always find myself going back to Nintendo hardware and exclusives.

I first started playing video games as a kid with a Super Nintendo, and found that while my peers outgrew their Nintendos for grittier games, my squeamishness kept me from venturing too far from the colorful worlds brought to me by the Big N.

Eventually, I did play outside of Nintendo for games like Katamari Damacy and Kingdom Hearts, but since the Wii/DS combo I haven’t looked back. I even started playing more mature games, getting over my squeamish ways just a bit.

I began playing indie games very recently because of a game dev friend. I’ve also started to play more tabletop because of my boyfriend.

I’m here at +10 to add to the coverage of games and to explore the good, bad and very bad about gaming and geek culture. As a Xicano, a feminist and a Queer person, I have found that geekdom has niches that are accepting and others that more pernicious to values I hold.

Outside of gaming I am an occasional stand-up comedian, photographer, host a podcast about movies, play ukulele, and do needlework.

You can follow me on Twitter @deniricardo or follow me on Tumblr Fucking Tremendous.


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