March 30, 2017


jayAssistant Editor

I’ve been playing games and writing for my whole life, so it’s only natural that the two things should come together. I love video games and am boundlessly optimistic for their future, especially when it comes to addressing issues of diversity, representation, and community acceptance. I’m also painfully aware that we as gamers have a long, long way to go.


As I was finishing up my degree (history) and deciding what to do next (still not sure) I started up Feminist Gaming Matters over on Tumblr, and it has quickly become my favourite way to waste time whilst still feeling very productive, and occasionally actually be productive. Writing for Plus 10 is a great way to encourage myself to focus on the productive parts of engaging in, and contributing to, the dialogue surrounding gaming, and thereby spend less time reblogging pretty pictures of computer rendered scenery. Or, at least, that’s the theory.


I’ll pretty much play anything you put in front of me, I’m not picky. If you can tell me a great story with engaging characters, I’m definitely sold.


Feel free to send me a message on Tumblr or at!

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