March 23, 2017


Tumbnail 2 Twitch Community Manager, Contributor

I am a high school student, academic, and ardent video gamer who has been connected to the gaming world for a long time. Before I was even able to read I have been playing video games. They have helped me understand strategy, critical thinking, and have kept me entertained for years. I love the way video games have been evolving and changing as of late, they are showing us that these developers are actively reinventing the gaming world. Games are not the simple start to finish like they used to be, they are becoming more then that, they are now leaving us with experiences that will be on our minds for days at a time. They are touching our hearts, making us laugh, and giving us the impossible.
I currently live in Florida but I have spent most of my life near the great lakes. I am actively training for a job at a tax office so I might be a little busy during the week but feel free to email me if you have any questions about the reviews I post at, or you can talk to me during the Twitch streams Mhorgain and Raeyn have.
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