March 30, 2017

About +10

Hello and Welcome to +10 to Fire Resist! 

Our Philosophy

We at +10 love games. Sometimes a little too much. We play games for many reasons, proof that diverse games and play styles lead to a richer, healthier industry and community. Yet there are certain problems facing the gaming industry which cannot and should not be ignored. We need games with more depth and intensity; games with more innovation in storytelling and mechanics; games with more diverse, authentic and relevant characters; and games with more unique and compelling settings. Games are young and they certainly have some growing left to do. We want to help them get there.

Additionally we want to see a community that doesn’t spend most of its time fighting itself and progress. We want to help foster a community that acknowledges the problems the industry faces while also bringing thoughtful, intelligent, and constructive discussion to the table. There is no room for hate at +10. There is absolutely no excuse for harassment or abuse of any kind. We do not tolerate that behavior. We support free speech, but we also support our right to exercise control over things said in our spaces. For this reason the website does not have comments and it most likely never will. If you are interested in joining and engaging with the +10 to Fire Resist community you can always hang out with us in one of our community spaces. +10 is a safe place.

+10 to Fire Resist aims to be more than just a blog, but a community as well. One where all types of gamers who frequently are overlooked or, even worse, looked down on can come together. +10 is a safe place for people of color and women, LGBTQ+ gamers and those who play with disabilities. It’s a place to merge all of these different gamer identities so that we may all meet and learn from one another. It’s easy to put ourselves into echo chambers on the internet and it’s important to remember that other people with other struggles are also eager to see games become not just a better artform, but a better community as well.

Your Voice

Does +10 sound like something you would like to be part of? We would love to have you! We are always looking for full-time and part-time writers, as well as guest writers. Writing not your thing? Why not make a video or podcast instead? We want to give people a platform for their voices and we will work our hardest to ensure that your voice can be heard in the way that makes you most comfortable. We’re looking for voices and backgrounds of all kinds–from critics to developers, casual bloggers to academics.

Not interested in being a content creator for us, but you’d still like to help out? We have a plethora of opportunities available, including graphic artists, community managers, text editors and video editors!

To see what positions we are offering (or to suggest one of your own) head over to our Opportunities page!

Your Game

Are you an indie dev looking to get your game out there? We’re always looking for fascinating and abstract concepts that really push the medium in ways we haven’t seen before. If you think your game does that, feel free to shoot us an email at editor@plus10tofireresist and we may write about it.


We’re all people who play games. And we’re in this together. ♥