Crowdfunding Game: Solo

Solo is a game about love.

Currently crowdfunding on Fig, Solo is aiming for release in Q1 of 2018, when it will be a fully realised puzzle and narrative game designed to help the player meditate on their understanding of love.

Screenshot showing the player character approaching a lighthouse bordered by trees

The player will be able to choose their gender and a gender to love in the game, and whether they are solo, in-couple, or heartbroken. In this way, the initial narrative is tailored to the individual and their own experiences; a theme that continues through the many ways to solve puzzles and the game’s guidance towards personal introspections.

Screenshot showing the player character overlooking an archipelago of coloured islands.The world is formed of many beautiful, colourful islands, and there will be no pressure to rush. Instead, wandering is encouraged through areas for meditation, animals to pet, and the ability to take pictures. If the trailer is anything to go by, all of this will be accompanied by tranquil backing music to complete the experience.

Solo is well on its way to being funded, at about 60% with funding continuing until February 23. Stretch goals include more animals to play with, so it’s worth it for them to break their goal! A $15 dollar funding will net you a copy of the game on release, and there are many more tier options. You can find the Fig page here.

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