March 23, 2017

Denis’ Top Recommended Games of 2015

Over the next few days the +10 team will be sharing our most recommended games from this year. It’s impossible to choose a favorite, so we’re sharing with all of you the ones we loved the most! -Raeyn

2015 was an explosive year for any video game enthusiast, but particularly Nintendo system owners like myself.

We saw the release of so many great games, both indie and major, and we also saw the very first Humble Bundle for home consoles. On top of that, Nintendo’s handling of DLC has been amazing, offering tons of free DLC or DLC that was developed after the game for a nice price.

Here are my top 5 best games for 2015

5. Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer

(Nintendo, 3DS)
Happy Home Designer is a lot of my favorite things from the regular Animal Crossing games, but rolled into one little experience.

You get to spend your time designing the houses of your cute animal neighbors, build relationships with them and play dress up! It’s all a very cute package, with the added bonus of having a new hobby, collecting amiibo cards.

OK, so that part isn’t great on my wallet, but I do like that the game is fully functional without them and still a very enjoyable experience.

There is the added bonus that you can finally choose your skin tone in Happy Home Designer, making my cute Animal Crossing avatar even closer to representing me! I hope this feature is carried over into new iterations of Animal Crossing.

“I didn’t say I’m a veterinarian, I said I’m a vegetarian!” Source.

4. Super Mario Maker

(Nintendo, Wii U)
Super Mario Maker finally gave us an official Mario level designer, which had been available on PCs for years. However, Nintendo was somehow able to stand out from the crowd from those level editors and give us even more.

The flexibility is creativity, the inspirational Level Creator Guide and the constant free DLC have kept me going back.

I don’t even spent that much time making levels, I just love to see how other people can take the Mario formula and change it into something new. I also enjoy tracking down levels made by other game developers so I can try their take on a Mario level.

It’s just a lot of fun sunk into a great game.

Mario stomping the yard in a pair of red pumps, one of the the many items added to gameplay. Source.

3. Shovel Knight: Plague of Shadows

(Yacht Club Games, multi-system)
OK so, Shovel Knight came out a while ago, but the DLC came out in September. And while it wasn’t a brand new game, it added a new playable character, Plague Knight, and new controls.

I actually am terrible at Shovel Knight and I never could finish it. I did however beat Plague of Shadows.

Plague Knight was supposed to be more difficult to control, however I found his floatiness right at home.

It was a great expansion of the universe and got me even more pumped for the Shovel Knight amiibo coming out January 8 so I can play 2-player, exclusive to Wii U owners (for now).

I would be evil it it meant I got a double jump. Source.

2. Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/Nintendo 3DS DLC

(Nintendo, Wii U/3DS)
This one was tough to pick, because Xenoblade Chronicles X could have easily taken this spot. But because of the amount of time I’ve put into Smash, it has to go here (maybe next year Xenoblade).

The DLC added, unlike Shovel Knight, did not change the game. It added new characters and new stages, some free and most for a reasonable price.

The amount of work and dedication the teams at Nintendo and Namco Bandai to make these are apparent. These characters were all made post-game and take about six months to complete, even for characters that had been in before like Mewtwo and Roy.

We have gotten seven new characters and 10 new stages as DLC post-development. And interviews with Masahiro Sakurai really show the Smash teams are dedicated to their fans to create the best game.

The final DLC is coming soon, which means it’s the end of the fun Smash updates, but we’ll be more than satisfied until the next iteration of Smash is out.

Goku and Freeza confirmed for Smash. Source.

1. Splatoon

(Nintendo, Wii U)
Of all the games I’ve spent playing this year, the most has definitely been Spaltoon.

Nintendo turned the squad-based shooter genre on it’s head.

Splatoon takes in the most adorable post-apocalyptic and gives you a fun paintball game against other squid kids who all are just having fun. It’s a pretty safe environment, too, as there is no voice-chat and Miiverse posts are moderated pretty well.

And somehow even without voice chat, it is still easy enough to coordinate with your fellow Inklings to beat your rival team.

Inventive weaponry based on paint tools, cute characters with awesome clothes, flexibility in controls (motion controls > analog controls) and tons of free DLC weapons and stages has made this one of my favorite games ever.

I like to have menacing-looking Inklings. Source.

2015 was a great year for games and I’m hoping 2016 can deliver, or else next year Splatoon might just end up on my top 5 again.

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