March 23, 2017

Flintlock Studios’ Stone Age RTS “Lithic” Coming to Kickstarter!

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Lithic by Flintlock Studios

Almost a year ago when our news show was still a thing (don’t you worry, I promise it will come back Soon™), I talked about a game called Lithic by Flintlock Studios. Today I have received word that the game (which is close to being Greenlit on Steam) needs a little extra help via Kickstarter to finish their current phase of development (which will get them to the point of an Early Access release.) If you enjoy the RTS genre, the new ideas being worked on in Lithic may be of interest to you.

In Lithic players will control a tribe of fantasy creatures, guiding them through a stone age to the point of civilisation. Players will face the challenge of tough environments, prehistoric creatures and the influence of magic within the game world. As well as an unconventional setting for a fantasy game, Lithic will also be set apart from other games of its kind through two unique systems that Flintlock Studios are implementing.

The first system focuses on the AI of the game. “We are big players of RTS games,” said Lead Developer Tom Stevenson. “We know that often it can turn into a micro-management sim with the player constantly having to worry about every small thing that is happening. The AI of Lithic is taking away a lot of that. The AI will make sure tribe members are eating and sleeping when they need to, meaning that the player can concentrate on the bigger tasks like combat or skill building.”

The second system focuses on the skills and tech-tree of Lithic “Unlike other RTS games, the skill and tech trees are not for the tribe as a whole” said Lead Designer Jon Hughes. “Each individual tribe member will have their own individual tech tree, and will have the ability to pass on their knowledge to other members of the tribe.”

These tech-trees play into the idea of Perma-Death, another concept that Flintlock Studios is very keen to explore in Lithic. “When a tribe member dies in Lithic, all the knowledge that the tribe member has dies with them.” Explained Jon. “So if they haven’t passed the skills on to others, that skill can end up being lost entirely, until someone discovers it again.” A death doesn’t mean the end of the game but it could set a tribe back a while. Depending on how long a tribe has existed for some lower end skills may be forgotten entirely as they evolve. “Think of this like how we are nowadays,” said Jon, “we know how to cook and shop but how many of us know how to hunt, gather and start a fire?”

The way Flintlock Studios plans to implement Perma-Death is something that has long interested me in the games the studio comes up with. I’m quite intrigued by the idea of certain knowledge being lost with the particular person who had it and I’m curious to see now only how it will work in this particular game, but also how, moving forward, this could be implemented in other games and even other genres!

If you wish to help out they are looking for a little under $16,000 on Kickstarter.


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