March 30, 2017

Friends and Family Submission: Short from Ability Powered Gaming

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The following essay was written in response to our Friends and Family prompt over on Tumblr where we invited our community to give their thoughts on the theme of the month! 


When I saw +10 to Fire Resist was asking for submissions for stories about gaming and friends and family, I was pretty excited. For almost 21 years now I have been blessed with a permanent player number 2. When my brother was barely old enough to hold a Nintendo controller I started sharing with him my first love… Video Games.



What started out as learning basic moves on Mario, Spyro, and Army Men turned into more complex games and multiplayer. Together we conquered lands on Empire Earth, we fought off the zerg in Starcraft, and slayed pixilated dragons in Warcraft. Gaming with my brother has been a daily tradition. It has given worlds without barriers which is important as a disabled gamer. I couldn’t take him horseback riding, but we could still ride our noble steeds into battle on Dynasty Warriors.



There’s a meme that floats around the internet via social media every so often that infuriates me like no other. “Because memories aren’t made playing video games” But they are! 6 hour Empire Earth games during winter break, the yearly Spring Break gaming marathons, and countless hours in World of Warcraft raiding side by side are memories that I could write stories about for days. All memories we have been making every day for 20 years now.



Video games are to thank for giving us these virtual worlds to make these memories and bond in everyday. Sure you might have made amazing memories with your brother fishing, but do you do it every day? Can you do it rain or shine, while sick or healthy? My brother and I do and are inseparable because of those memories made while playing video games… Even if it’s fishing in one.


Short is the founder of Ability Powered Gaming, a website with game reviews, guides, news and tips for disabled gamers. Raeyn interviewed her last year and you can read it here!

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