Introducing The Safe Space Gaming Tavern!

Hello everyone! Today I’d like to announce an exciting project we’ve been working on for all of you, our wonderful community! Together with Jay from Feminist Gaming Matters we’re opening up a a Discord server where our two communities can hang out together and talk about games, boost projects, and have a generally fantastic time! We’re calling it The Safe Space Gaming Tavern because we want everyone to feel safe and welcome here.

We’ve already got channels set up to chat about the latest going on here and at Feminist Gaming Matters, channels to promote your work or stream channel, and of course places for you to chat about games and off topic discussions.

If you would like to join you can do so using this invite:

The invite will expire in 24 hours, but we’ll continue posting links on our social media over the next few weeks. You can also email me at, or DM us on any of our socials!

In order to keep this space as safe and welcoming as possible, we do of course have some ground rules.

Tavern Rules

This is a space, primarily, for having fun with other people. So, have fun! You are the ones with the power to make this a great space. Use your power for good, please.

There will be people with all kinds of identities and experiences here. We especially want this to be a safe space for people who don’t feel comfortable discussing games elsewhere for whatever reason, so be respectful. If you’re making people feel uncomfortable or unsafe, we will ban you.

You’re welcome to invite your friends to join and they don’t have to be following either Feminist Gaming Matters or +10 as long as they care about games and believe they should be inclusive of all people.

No spoilers in general channels! If you want to talk about a recently released game, let us know and we’ll set up a specific channel for it where you can spoiler to your hearts’ content.


I hope to see you all there! Happy chatting!



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