Kickstarter Game: A Hero’s Call

An Accessible Fantasy RPG

The logo for A Hero's Call. It's a coat of arms with two swords behind a shield that looks to be very worn and either made of stone, or painted on stone. The center of the shield is a light blue with gold flecks and depicts a barn owl flying towards the viewer, holding a blowing horn.

With only seven days to go and achieving over 3 times their goal, writing about A Hero’s Call has less to do with helping this project reach its funding, and more to do with showing the world an incredible example of what happens when people approach games with accessibility in mind.  Developed by a blind composer/writer and a blind programmer, A Hero’s Call aims to bring the rich and compelling worlds of RPGs back to those whose visual impairments make it impossible to experience this genre as it is currently produced.

The Kickstarter features a demo of how the game feels and sounds. With immersive sound design, believable voice acting, and a fully fleshed out world, this game promises to be an incredible experience for both blind and sighted players.

As games continue to grow and the industry around them continues to become more and more aware of the people who wish to support them, I hope we’ll start to see a rise in studios like Out of Sight Games. Games should be for everyone, and A Hero’s Call proves that accessibility can absolutely be a viable design decision.

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