March 23, 2017

Kickstarter Game: Antilia

antilia kickstarter game innovative mmorpg

I love getting into character when playing video games. There is nothing I enjoy more than designing my character from the ground up, figuring out not only their appearance, but their personalities, their likes and dislikes, and the thoughts and actions that motivate them. I get really in to character design, and while most games force me to play it out in my head, I’m forever on the lookout for a game in which I truly can become my character. As I’ve mentioned in the past, one thing that I find myself growing ever tired of is the idea that MMORPGs and their single player counterparts have to be entirely combat driven. There are so many missed opportunities in most games today when, despite having the freedom to go where you please and do what you like, combat still remains the primary mechanic. This week’s Kickstarter is a breath of fresh air in the MMORPG market. At long last I have found the game that will let me play my character how I wish to play her. I’m talking about Antilia by Right Brain Games, and it looks stunning.

The team behind Antilia are proof that, while I may not be your everyday gamer, I’m not alone in wanting more from the virtual worlds I frequently inhabit. In their Kickstarter video, Jeff Leigh explains, “We want to bring this fantasy world to life in new ways. Rather than to destine every character you create to be yet another wandering vagrant, we want you to really feel like you are part of the world—that you’re a resident—that there’s a lot of different trades and roles to choose from.” He offers a few examples, saying that you can be an innkeeper, a traveling merchant, a ship captain, a musician or even a master crafter. In fact, you don’t need to ever fight if you don’t want to because the crafting system is so fascinating that you can easily devote your game time to that instead.

Koro antilia kickstarter game innovative mmorpg

And boy will I. In one of their videos on YouTube, they run through the unique and customizable crafting system they have developed. Unlike most games where everyone creates the exact same object, Antilia gives you the ability to create your own signature mark on each of your items. You can mix and match handles and blades, design the shape and weight of your weapon, and pick which metals or woods to use when making it. While all of these options directly relate to the color of your product, they also affect the stats and durability of an item.

In Antilia you truly feel like you’re creating the objects you craft. You have a say in not only what item you chose to make, but exactly how they look and operate. I have never seen a crafting system that is more engaging or that has a greater payoff than the one offered in this game, and I am most impatient to give it a go!

Crafting isn’t the only thing setting Antilia apart from other MMORPGs on the market. What has me intrigued the most is the way in which your story plays out. Rather than follow the same scripted storyline that everyone else follows, each character is assigned a “Virtual GM” which is an automated system that will work much like a real game master in a pen and paper RPG. This GM will choose from various templates to get you started on your story, while still allowing you to make your own choices as you go through your adventure. The idea is for the AI to be intelligent enough to make on the fly changes to your story progression should you make a choice that it didn’t expect previously. This allows YOU to shape your own destiny. No two players will experience the same story.

When you opt for this storymode version of the game you will most likely be able to choose what sort of story you want to experience: do you want to have an adventure, enter a crafting competition, or go on a musical tour?

antilia base camp kickstarter game innovative mmorpg

For the first time in a game, you are truly the hero of your own tale. Maybe you’re a brave and fierce warrior, protecting the world for harm. Or perhaps you’re just a small town baker who wants to be the best at you craft. Antilia allows you the ability to play the game however you like offering a sense of freedom that so many games claim to have but ultimately do not.

vacharii antilia kickstarter game innovative mmorpg

Antilia is the most innovative MMORPG I’ve ever come across, and it looks like a delight to play. In my quest to find the most interesting Kickstarter game of the week, I come across numerous MMOs that boast innovation but rarely seem to have it. THIS game has it in nearly every aspect of its design.

sakii antilia kickstarter game innovative mmorpg
Future playable character! You know how I love dragons!!!

If you’re as blown away as I am by this amazing game, hurry over to their Kickstarter to find out more and leave a donation. They only have 14 days left and, at only $30,000 of their $120,000 goal it’s going to take a big push right at the end to make sure they get funded. If you find yourself a little leery of the high amount, they have numerous charts showing exactly how the money will be allocated which is helpful when deciding to donate.

I highly suggest you check out this game as it is an incredibly interesting idea and is exactly what the gaming industry needs. Innovation comes from brilliant indies like Antilia, and it’s up to us to make sure their voices can be heard. They have tons of information on their website  and YouTube channel for you to learn more since I have barely scratched the surface. They also have frequent livestreams on Twitch which I encourage you to watch!


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