April 26, 2017

Kickstarter Game: Approaching Infinity

approaching infinity roguelike adventure kickstarter game

Approaching Infinity is a space based rogue-like adventure Kickstarter game built by Bob Saunders. Bob is an experienced developer and has been working in the industry for over 9 years and has been developing rogue-likes for over 3 years. True to the genre it is procedurally generated, based in an open world and unpredictable. It brings a wide variety of things to do with it. Exploration can yield many valuable treasures but can also lead you into a lot of trouble with pirates. The inventory is very robust with many customizable options. The game features a strong focus on combat and loot systems.

I would like to start by saying that I very much enjoy rogue-like games. I also very much enjoy space based games. So Approaching Infinity seems like a perfect match. There is a very high production value to it that is often missing from many of the current rogue-likes out there which is a breath of fresh air for the genre to me. One of my favorite things about this type of game is that it is very easy to pick up for just a few minutes or to let the hours stream by as you explore and discover an infinite number of locations and npcs to interact with. After playing the alpha I have been very impressed with the ease of getting into the game, as well as the complexity of the systems involved. Even in Alpha, Approaching Infinity feels like a finished product that really only needs tweaks to be release ready. My only complaint about it is a lack of an explore command but that will be taken care of courtesy of the second stretch goal in their Kickstarter.

approaching infinity roguelike adventure kickstarter game
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Approaching Infinity is currently running a Kickstarter campaign and has 7 days left. Fortunately they have already reached their goal, so now it’s on to stretch goals!

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