March 23, 2017

Kickstarter Game: Dungeonforge–Be the Ultimate Dungeon Master!

dungeonforge kickstarter game

I have a confession–I”ve never actually played Dungeons and Dragons. I know, I know, the horror! While it is something I’ve always wanted to try (being a dungeon master looks like a blast!) my anxiety prevents me from doing so. Fortunately for me, a new game is being Kickstarted called Dungeonforge in which the powers of a game designer and dungeon master meet.

What makes Dungeonforge so fascinating is that the game will take place in one huge, online world. You have the ability to shape this world, both physically and in terms of story, by creating magnificent overworlds and dangerous dungeons. You can script your NPCs’ speech (which includes the ability to have branching dialogue) or you can perform “live tellings” where you become the voice of the NPCs and weave the story in real time.

dungeonforge kickstarter game building dungeon
The Collective Dream Studios

Since they want to reward players for designing well thought out and enjoyable storylines, players are able to “tip” the dungeon master with in game tokens. These tokens can be exchanged for real world currency, and the person doing the tipping will get “aesthetically unique” epic loot drops.

The creative process for players doesn’t end at designing world and story elements within the game. Dungeonforge will have Steam Workshop support at launch allowing players to design all manner of custom content to be used in the game.

What I find most interesting about this game is the idea that 1) you get to feel like a game designer and 2) you can be a virtual DM, guiding players through their adventures in real time. The latter is actually something I’ve been looking for for quite some time, and while the only game I can think of that even comes close is Fable LegendsDungeonforge goes so much deeper. The idea of being able to voice all the NPCs and truly guide other players’ stories is fascinating to me and definitely something I would love to check out.

dungeonforge kickstarter game
The Collective Dream Studios

Unfortunately as of this writing it doesn’t look as though Dungeonforge will be able to meet their goal of $60,000. With only five days remaining and $12,309 raised it just doesn’t seem likely (of course, I’m sure Kickstarter’s recent hack didn’t help things). So while they may not make goal this time around, we must be sure to support them in other ways. Drop them a like on their Facebook page or join their Steam community. For more information and to make a donation, you can find their Kickstarter here.


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