June 22, 2017

Kickstarter Game: Eyes Open

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I hate horror films. I hate horror games too because it feels like filmmakers and game developers alike seem to think horror=gratuitous violence, something I could not disagree with more. Violence isn’t scary, it’s just gross and over done. Killing someone in the most disturbing manner you can think of only means you have pathetic storytelling skills that you wish to cover up with an even more extravagant death than the other guys. Lame. What I do like are thrillers. Last year I went to see The Woman in Black in theaters. Bad idea. It took everything I had to not just leave and wait until I could watch it in my brightly lit home with my cozy blanket and a cup of tea. That movie scared the freaking shit out of me and yet never was there an ax-wielding lunatic out to chop Daniel Radcliffe’s head off. This is where today’s Kickstarter game Eyes Open comes in.

Eyes Open by LatinForImagination is a 2D top down horror/stealth game where you must fend off your impending insanity by closing your eyes. 

Yes, you must go through most of the game with your eyes shut allowing Eyes Open to look at horror in a different light. As opposed to gore or terrifying monsters ready to run a chainsaw through you, the game is instead a psychological thriller. In it you play as a mentally unstable, straight jacketed character who is exploring an asylum filled with monsters. The only way to keep some level of sanity is to peacefully and calmly close your eyes in the face of danger. You cannot fight these monsters, only creep past them

The game hopes to encourage calm thinking in difficult, stressful times. If you go to pieces in this game you won’t make it. I think that’s what I love the most. As a person who suffers from some pretty severe anxiety the message presented by this game is wonderful: Sometimes you have to lose control in order to gain it.

The mechanics are fairly simple. Your level of insanity increases the longer your eyes are open. You must think clearly and strategically to figure out when, where, and for how long you should shut your eyes. To help you out a little you will see a white bar whenever you feel along a wall. Otherwise, the world is entirely black. And that’s pretty much it. They didn’t want to add anything extra, no inventory systems or RPG elements. At its core “Eyes Open is first-and-foremost an experiment in mechanics and horror.”

Due to its random nature, Eyes Open has high replayability. You can conceivably play through it dozens of times without seeing the exact same maps or monsters or story elements. Each time you will face new challenges that may have been absent the time before.

There’s only six days left so tell everyone you know about this week’s awesome Kickstarter game!


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2 Comments on Kickstarter Game: Eyes Open

  1. You’re very welcome! It’s refreshing to see a game that tries to tackle aspects of our psyche rather than mindless button mashing. It’s why I believe so strongly in featuring innovative Kickstarter games that aren’t just the same sort of slop you see so often in the “mainstream industry.”

    So thank YOU for putting together a thoughtful, interesting game and daring to push the envelope of what games can be! 🙂

  2. Thanks for the review! It’s really encouraging to see someone pick up on one of the hearts of the game so clearly.

    I spend a lot of time trying to manipulate my emotions into being useful for given situations, so a large part of Eyes Open is about that. I like the idea that blocking out the world, even if it didn’t actually do anything helpful from a purely pragmatic perspective, would be, in moderation, your best strategy for progression in the game – that you had to be able to manage yourself and your fear. That’s a theme that carries over into the narrative as well, although unfortunately I can’t really talk much about that right now without getting into spoiler territory.

    “Loosing control in order to get it” is a wonderful phrase, I wish I had thought of it myself earlier in the Kickstarter 🙂

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