March 30, 2017

Kickstarter Game: History Fighter

Join us as we fight to save history from the chronofiends at Order Incorporated as they attempt to steal Nikola Tesla’s time machine to subvert history! In this week’s Kickstarter game you must join the Time Defense League where it’s up to you to recruit and lead a team of heroes from throughout the ages to preserve our world’s history.

History Fighter is a Collectible Card Game based on historical figures turned into comic book style heroes and villains. Your goal is to put together a team of heroes capable of stopping Order Incorporated from rewriting time. The game includes a single player campaign that tells a story of the world and gets you tons of awesome trivia from across our history.

You also get a multiplayer mode that lets you pit your best team against your friends in a battle royale to see who can find the best historical heroes.


Throughout the game you’ll find interesting tidbits of real historic fact. And who knows, maybe this will encourage you to do some digging on your own? I feel that history has a lot to teach us. It can encourage us to pursue dreams, or help us put life in perspective when we feel overwhelmed. There are stories of great successes and great failures all through history, and all of those stories can have a profound impact on how we go through life on a day to day basis if we only take the time to listen to the lessons they teach.

Additionally the world of CCG’s tend to force us to think outside the box to find great combos of abilities that can complement each other. This outside the box thinking benefits us all.

One of the other great draws of this game is that the team making it seems dedicated to creating games that expand with content instead of grinds or other imo meaningless expansion types. Rather than feeling the need to expand with just gameplay, they are looking to find new and interesting content to engage players. They also want to create games that have the power to teach.

All in all we are very much looking forward to seeing History Fighter completed as well as to seeing what those crazy kids over at Headrush Games can come up with next!


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