March 30, 2017

Kickstarter Game: Kingdom Espionage

kingdom espionage kickstarter game

The hiatus is over! As promised after a two week break we have returned and are delighted to be here. As always we’re starting the week with a Kickstarter game we feel is worth backing. This week we’re covering a strategy-action-roleplay-castle defense-adventure called Kingdom Espionage by fellow Iowans DreamHatch Studios. Kingdom Espionage combines the best of multiple genres creating an all knew experience that is sure to please gamers of all kinds.

A strategy-action-roleplay…wait, what?

Kingdom Espionage definitely takes cross-genre to a new level. Not only must you defend your own castle with traps, environmental hazards and units of defenders, but you must also attack other people’s castles by getting around their traps and using spells to attack the defending meanies.

As you gain more land and increase your rank you will receive more tributes from those presumably living beneath you. It is unclear just what these tributes are, but it’s probably safe to assume they will be monetary.

One concern is the naming system being applied to the ranks: the Kickstarter says you’ll go from “Serf to a Knight, to a Noble and so on.” This is not the first time I’ve seen this ranking system, but I do hope it is the last. A basic, bottom of the barrel serf was not able to own land. A game based on landownership just cannot have a serf as the first level. It could maybe start with a villein, maybe maybe even a freeman, but definitely not a serf.

This bit of the game I would like to see reconsidered, but it’s not a game-breaker for me. There are plenty of other interesting gameplay elements to make up for it!

Kingdom espionage kickstarter game castle defense
DreamHatch Studios

Another feature that sets this game apart is the multiplayer aspect. In Kingdom Espionage you are able to go into Co-Op mode and try to take down other peoples’ castles with your friends. But make sure they are your friends lest they turn on you and attack your castle while its defenses are down!

If co-op isn’t for you the single player campaign boasts a deep, RPG-like plot that will leave you thinking long after the game has ended.

Art Style

The Kickstarter shows numerous screenshots and even a short video of a character casting a spell—all of which look absolutely fantastic. While there are no doubt minor tweaks to be made once the Kickstarter is funded, the game already looks great.

Kingdom espionage kickstarter game castle defense
DreamHatch Studios

However, I do have one concern: there’s a suspicious lack of any female characters in all of the design art that we’re given. While I suppose no women are better than scantily clad “warriors”, I do hope that they will at least be a choice when choosing your character.

Choice is always good.

Kingdom Espionage kickstarter game
DreamHatch Studios

If storming castles while defending your own in an immersive fantasy world sounds like something you would enjoy, vote for them on Steam Greenlight and be sure to check out the Kingdom Espionage Kickstarter. They’re looking for $54,000 by January 3, 2014. With only $3,000 contributed so far, we’ll need to spread the word to see this game funded in time!

Once again, thank you for being patient with us during out break!


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