Kickstarter Game: The Rabbit and the Owl

Between this and my last Kickstarter spotlight, you might be noticing a trend about me: I’m a sucker for games featuring cute animals. But can you blame me?!

Accordingly, The Rabbit and the Owl is a current Kickstarter project that looks wonderful. The world of Yril has been fractured into light and dark, and it’s up to the rabbit (who inhabits the dark) and the owl (who inhabits the light) to work together and navigate through the world.


The use of negative space means that each level looks gorgeous, but also through this light and dark mechanic, puzzles are born that require players to think rather than purely to platform. Whilst both are valid choices, this is great for those of us who aren’t quite as dexterous as most platforming demands! Plus, the black and white colour scheme has the added bonus of being immediately inclusive of colour blind players.

The game can be played solo, but seems like a great candidate for local co-op; each player can control one of the animals as they collaborate through levels. There just aren’t enough couch co-op games around at the moment, and this seems like a fantastic remedy to that!

As the game progresses, players can find bits of information in the form of both art and text, eventually uncovering what happened to the world of Yril, and to understand why the rabbit and the owl are travelling together.


Gameplay trailers, commentary videos, samples of the beautiful soundtrack, and a demo are all available at their Kickstarter page. You can also secure a copy of the game on its release for $10. The game is already fully funded, so you’d be getting in on a project that’s going ahead and helping them to reach their stretch goals – give it a look!


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