Kickstarter Games End of the Year Round-Up: Where Are They Now? Volume III

dragons of elanthia kickstarter game aerial dragon shooter

With the year at its end it is time to look back at all of the Kickstarter and Indiegogo games we covered in the past five months. While we’ve looked back at a handful in previous posts, today we will look at the remaining games to see how their campaigns ended and where they are now.

Imagination is the Only Escape

One of the most exciting games we covered in terms of story, Imagination is the Only Escapewas the project of Luc Bernard and promised to be a tale of a young boy during the Holocaust who used his imagination as a means of dealing with the horrific world around him. Imagination looked to be a beautiful game with a brilliant premise, and a fantastic way of looking at a rather difficult subject. Unfortunately it came no where near its goal of $125,000 as it made only $5,000. While the Indiegogo campaign doesn’t say whether or not work will be continued, I do hope it will as I can’t wait for the opportunity to experience this game.

Beyond eyes

©Tiger and Squid
©Tiger and Squid

As I stated when I first discovered this game, Beyond eyes is absolutely one of the games I am looking forward to the most. There’s no death or destruction, and best of all as a player I don’t have to kill or “beat” anything. I just help a blind girl experience her world through her remaining senses. Despite having an amazing concept and a gorgeous design, Beyond eyes was ultimately unable to reach their full goal. However, having made it halfway and utilizing Indiegogo’s flexible funding, the game dev is still working hard on her project. For updates and to make a pledge check out the game’s official website.


Be the game. Scaupa
Ludde Anderson

Scaupa by Swedish developer Ludde Anderson was yet another amazing concept that was unable to complete its campaign. Essentially a game designing system, Scaupa would allow you to build realistic looking worlds, add basic game mechanics and design elements to either keep for yourself or share with friends. In my post I mentioned wanted to utilize the game as a world building tool for my novel and I am still eagerly anticipating its release.

The Indiegogo campaign has been mostly taken down, but a few months back he posted that he intends to attempt fundraising again. Keep an eye on his website for more information.

Unwritten: Echoes of Twilight

Kickstarter game. Indie game. Elder Scrolls modders make RPG.
Druid Gameworks

Next we ventured back to the world of Kickstarter where we found this gem made by Skyrim modders. This game looked amazing: an RPG for fans of RPGs made by fans of RPGs. Unfortunately, in order to make it as brilliant as promised, it came with quite an ambitious funding goal of $280,000. Sadly, they were unsuccessful in not just their first attempt, but their second as well.

Now their free trials have run out and they simply can’t afford to purchase the necessary software licenses to continue work on the game. That said, Unwritten is still something they are very passionate about and something they still want to make. Rather than destroy the integrity of the project by toning it down and doing it for less, they plan to make other, less ambitious games in the hopes of getting their names out there.

In the meantime they will continue raising money on their own website which you can donate to here. For more information check out their developer forum.

Knite and the Ghost Lights

knite and the ghost lights kickstarter game
Mobot Studios

Running a Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaign can be tough. As our previous games have shown, even if you have a brilliant concept, sometimes the word just doesn’t get out to enough people. While the last several games were unsuccessful in their fundraising endeavors, we are pleased to announce that the next game we looked at, Knite and the Ghost Lightswas successful. A beautiful, hand-made stop motion game with expansive lore, Knite made over $43,000 of its $35,000 goal. 

Since completion they have continued work on the game and you can find updates here.

Valhalla: A Viking’s Beard

Kickstarter game valhalla a viking's beard
Flood Entertainment

Another game based on ancient mythology, Valhalla was an amusing tale about a Viking man who bartered his beard to the gods in a deal that ultimately went south. They were unable to meet their funding goal, but they continue to work on the project. To find out more check out their website.

Spirit of Sail

kickstarter game indie game spirit of sail flintlock studios
Flintlock Studios

Yet another game to not quite make the cut was Spirit of Sail, the nautical adventure in which you take command of a ship a chart your course in an open world adventure. They have not said whether they will continue work on the project or hold off for another attempt.

Dragons of Elanthia

dragons of elanthia kickstarter game aerial dragon shooter

It’s no mystery that I love dragons, so when I saw that there was a game in which you could be a dragon rider in aerial combat, I got pretty excited. But it was yet another game that was unsuccessful. Though their campaign did not end how they had hoped it would, they are still working hard on it and have even recently announced a new rider, the gladiator.

If you want to continue helping out, you can sign up for the alpha and keep an eye on their forums.

Life is Feudal

Life is feudal small settlement indiegogo game indie game morpg
Bit Box

An ambitious sandbox RPG with terraforming, housing, and bone and organ damage, Life is Feudal looked like an incredibly fascinating project, but without a working prototype it seemed they were doomed from the start. Once it was clear they would be unable to make it, they closed the campaign and instructed their fans to register on their website for further information.

Edit: As of December 8, 2014 you can now purchase an Early Access version of this game on Steam for $39.99.

Approaching Infinity

approaching infinity roguelike adventure kickstarter game
Bob Saunders

A space roguelike covered by Relative Sanity, Approaching Infinity made over $8,000 of the $5,000 goal. They are now heading into beta and are continuing to update their Kickstarter page. 

 Kingdom Espionage

kingdom espionage kickstarter game
DreamHatch Studios

With a campaign so close to the holidays, it will be hard for Kingdom Espionage to complete their goal. With only three days left they’ve made $3,000 of their $54,000 goal. Knowing that they won’t make it, they have decided to relaunch their campaign in February or March, so stayed tuned for more information.

As you can see, crowdfunding, though a source of delight for some, can be a very difficult endeavor. But that doesn’t mean we–the gamers nor the developers–should give up hope. By showing these devs how interested we are in their games we can slowly change the gaming landscape. As the saying goes we must “be the change we wish to see”, and by supporting indie titles in whatever ways we can, we help create a better gaming environment.

Here’s to 2014: may the games we covered this year see success.




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