March 23, 2017

Kickstarter Games: Where Are They Now? Volume II

Sidd sword n board

With Christmas only a few days away the last minute scramble to make sure everything is ready has officially commenced (What do you mean we only have two feet of wrapping paper left?!?), so for this week’s Kickstarter game we’re going to take another adventure into the past to see how games we covered have fared.

Sword ‘n’ Board:

kickstarter games, indie games, video games, sword n board
©Something Wicked

This delightful little gem we covered back in August is a brilliant Zelda-like game in which you battle your way through imaginary villains and pillow fort dungeons to reassemble your lost video game console. We are pleased to say that Sword ‘n’ Board was successfully funded and will now be coming to the Wii U in addition to Windows, Mac and Linux.

Eyes Open:

kickstarter game eyes open, horror video games
© LatinForImagination

Unfortunately the next game we covered, Eyes Openthe horror/stealth adventure where you stave off madness by closing your eyes in the face of danger, did not make their goal. They were about $3,000 shy–a pity given the fascinating concept for their game. However, they are still updating their Kickstarter page and recently announced that, while not giving up on Eyes Open, they have been working on some smaller games while they look for funding.

History Fighter:

history fighter

Headrush Games’ card game where real historical figures become superheroes to fight evil, History Fighterwas also unable to reach their funding goal. Their Kickstarter hasn’t been updated since the campaign ended and there has been no word on whether they will continue work on this project or scrap it for something new.



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