March 30, 2017

Kickstarter Games: Where Are They Now?

Imogen Project Maiden Kickstarter game
Imogen Project Maiden

I knew that writing about a Kickstarter or Indiegogo game each week could potentially prove difficult. What if there came a week where none of the games fit our criteria? Fortunately we’ve managed to go three months without ever running out of games to cover. Until today. I’ve been monitoring the two crowdfunding sites all day in the hopes that something mind blowing would be posted, but nothing has. So rather than write about a game that I think looks good but doesn’t have any of the innovation I’m after, I decided to start a new feature for those days when the crowdfunding scene is a bit lacking. For now I’m going to call it: Where Are They Now? As I’m sure you can imagine from the title, it will be a short look at the games we’ve covered in the past and how their campaigns turned out.

Kickstarter: Project Maiden

Back on July 22nd we debuted +10 to Fire Resist with a post about an indie game whose female protagonist we loved called Project Maiden. We are pleased to say that Kevin B. Cole’s game was successfully funded and brought in $12,221 of the $9,600 goal. While we’re sure we had next to nothing to do with it given how few views we were receiving at the time, we’re still very excited that his dream was able to come true, and we’re still eager to play the game once it comes out!

Kickstarter game, indie game, celestian tales old north
© Ekuator Games

Kickstarter: Celestian Tales: Old North

The following week we looked at Celestian Tales: Old North by Ekuator Games, a JRPG with a high focus on story. Unfortunately, the campaign was unsuccessful raising only $24,021 of the $40,000 goal. However, the team behind the game has refused to give up. They are still updating the Kickstarter page with news about the game and their plans to create another campaign later on. Things have been a little rocky for them since the end of their campaign in August. Since then they lost their artist due to scheduling conflicts. While it is a shame to see him go (his artwork was beautiful) they have gone ahead and gotten a new artist to start reworking all of the art.

indie games, indie kickstarter game, successful kickstarter games, insignificant
© Significant Games

Kickstarter: Insignificant

Insignificant blew their goal out of the water when they were successfully funded for $12,447 of their $1,760 goal. Since then the developer has been working on various stretch goals, including the implementation of shadows.

Kickstarter game Waking Amy by Martian Media Inc.
© Martian Media Inc.

Kickstarter: Waking Amy

Waking Amy came so close but ultimately was unsuccessful. They raised $8,241 of $10,000. While they will not be re-launching immediately, they continue to work as a team on smaller games.

Thanks for hanging with us on this slow day and I hope you have a lovely week!



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