March 23, 2017

Kickstarter: Insignificant

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Happy Monday folks! As you head off to work today, you might wonder briefly why you even bother. What difference does it make? The work is dull, the work is tedious, and when you come down to it, does it really even matter? Would the world continue just fine if you weren’t there? Have you ever had a crushing moment of feeling…insignificant? This week’s Kickstarter game Insignificant shows us that just because you aren’t the key to the prophecy, or the hero destined to save the world, your life and choices still matter to the most important person there is: you.

Insignificant is about a race of people known as the Insiders because they live…well…inside. They are tiny, only 2-3 inches tall, and anything that they are incapable of understanding is feared as magic. You are one of the few who possesses true magic and are unceremoniously kicked out of the clan and sent outside where you learn all was not as you had thought. The world is big. Not just in scope, but in scale as well! So what are you going to do?

That’s up to you, the player. The game is an open world RPG in the truest sense. There are no “main quests” and “side quests”, just quests which you can opt to do however you see fit. The game doesn’t guide you in any particular direction; rather it allows you the freedom to discover the world and yourself as you journey across this strange land. Your choices will affect you as a character rather than the fate of humankind. Or insiderkind. You get the idea.

Along the way you will be able to take up arms against enemies with the greatest weapons the world has ever seen: a pen, a plastic fork, pain pills, a pushpin, and one of those goofy flossing things that no one seems to use but are sold everywhere regardless (in case you’re wondering, you’ll utilize it as an awesome bow).  Thrown into a world you know nothing about you must make do with the tools at hand. A screenshot even depicts you wearing what looks like armor made from aluminum foil.

indie games, indie kickstarter game, successful kickstarter games, insignificant
© Significant Games

While the developer for this game, Dan Rickmers, has already hit his initial goal to fund the game (yay!) there is still time left to help him reach his awesome stretch goals. The closest ones at the moment are underwater exploration and the option for a female playable character. Other stretch goals include a composed soundtrack, customizable armor, and NPCs .

Whether you are able to donate or not, keep your eye out for this game. It looks fun and interesting and it views the role of a game’s main character in a light that is very different from what most studios are willing to do. This game is willing to take the risks that AAA publishers would never have the stones to do, and that is worth supporting.


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