Kickstarter: Project Maiden

Project maiden kickstarter game
Project maiden kickstarter game

 “Like Zelda in Reverse”

Only in Indie games are we able to find ideas and content that are capable of changing everything we know about games and encouraging us to break free from the tried and true to discover something amazing. That’s why we believe so strongly in featuring a Kickstarter game that we love each Monday. This week we’re covering “Project Maiden” which is a story based platformer in which you must lose your abilities in order to progress.

Wait, what?

“Project Maiden” is the tale of Imogen, a woman who has unintentionally received the powers of a god. She lives in a harsh world where inequalities are apparent and a truce between two factions hangs in the balance. It is up to her to save the world, but in order to do so she must lose everything, including her impressive skills. Controlling her you must rely on your wits and the skills and mechanics at hand to complete each level.

The game challenges the norm by taking rather than giving. Whereas traditionally we expect to gather more and more powerful skills or weapons in order to defeat the final boss, “Project Maiden” looks instead at how we can grow stronger after a loss. This feature allows for multiple ways to defeat a level and increased replay value.

Project Maiden kickstarter game
Kevin B. Cole

But the game challenges the current system in other ways as well. Imogen isn’t a woman just because. The game’s creator, Kevin B. Cole, has made it his mission to make a strong female character who we can grow to love just as much as any male protagonist. He promises she won’t be made the damsel (instead, we can expect the lead male to suffer this fate instead!) and vows that the game will pass the Bechdel test. Perhaps what’s most humbling is that he admits that he’s a man trying to create a game about a woman, and that feedback is welcome to help him make her a deep, believable character. What’s more, he wants all of his characters, both male and female, to be of the same nature.

Imogen Project Maiden Kickstarter game
Kevin B. Cole

So why is this a game we feel is worth donating to? Because we think it’s going in the right direction for games. It is challenging what games can be and showing the world that breaking free from the current mold can have wonderful results. The story and characters sound rich and interesting, the combat looks fun (despite the restrictions imposed by the graphics), and the mechanics are original. Can you imagine how fantastic this game would be if it had a higher budget to work with?

For those who are unfamiliar with Kickstarters, the Kickstarter website is a place for content creators to attempt to gain funding from prospective customers. Video game makers, filmmakers and many more post their original ideas on the site with the hopes that like minded individuals will be eager to see their works completed and donate to them. Typically you get fun little perks for each amount of money you donate (like thank you gifts during Public Television pledge drives!). Check out the Kickstarter here and if you can, drop him a couple bucks, then tell all of your friends! There are only a few days left and the idea is too good to be passed up!


UPDATE: Project Maiden is now another successfully funded Kickstarter! WOO! Grats to the entire team! Be sure to check in with them regularly for updates on this project



By: Kevin B. Cole


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