Kickstarter Game: Russian Subway Dogs

I recently discussed the lack of games set around the world that do not focus on either war or sport, and since then I’ve been on the lookout for more exceptions to this rule. And what better combination than a game that teaches a little bit about an unfamiliar (to most players) culture, whilst also being full of adorable dogs?


Russian Subway Dogs is a current Kickstarter project by Spooky Squid Games, intending to create a “fast-paced action-arcade game” based on the real stray dogs that ride the Moscow Metro every day in search of food. In game, you will aim to stuff your little doggy face with as much food as possible to rack up higher and higher scores, whilst defending yourself and your patch from other dogs and any number of miscellaneous dangers.

Not only are the pups adorable (because how could they not be), but the game will also draw on the beauty of Moscow’s underground stations, which are home to much unique architecture and artistry. Plus, the food and drink that the dogs are after includes local specialties such as pelmeni, kvass, and, of course, vodka. And that soundtrack? An “electronic take on traditional Eastern European folk music” – and it’s incredibly catchy.


The Kickstarter includes a demo created during a game jam, and shows off the basic gameplay, which is a lot of fun! If they can get the funding they’re asking for, then the full game will include new art, sprites, and animations; a mission mode; and…bears?! (Hey, I’m sure weirder things have been found on metros…) Stretch goals also aim to add more historical and cultural information to the game, such as a boss battle against Baba Yaga, a supernatural woman of Slavic folklore.

For $10 CAD you can net a copy of the game upon its 2017 release, and there are a lot of other bonuses for backers who want to pay more, including an adorable Metro puppy plush. You can check out the Kickstarter here!


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