April 26, 2017

Kickstarter Update: “Approaching Infinity” Roguelike to Be Released Mid-May

approaching infinity successful kickstarter game steam greenlight
“A Top-Down Strategic Space Exploration Game Of Infinite Proportions where Star Trek Meets Ultima!

Pursue combat, quests, and loot in an ever-expanding universe, or set your sights on any of five completely different paths to victory! Trade commodities between sectors, discover schematics to craft powerful items, and hire officers and level up their skills. Befriend alien races, help them reach their goals, or just kill kill kill!” 

approaching infinity roguelike adventure kickstarter game
©Bob Saunders

Back in December Relative Sanity wrote a piece about a roguelike space game called Approaching Infinity. The game successful reached its goal and the dev immediately got to work finishing the game. I am pleased to announce that Bob Saunders’ Approaching Infinity will be released this May! It currently is on Steam Greenlight so be sure to check it out and give it a thumbs up!

NOTE: Earlier tonight I wrote that the game will be releasing on Steam come mid-May–I was incorrect! Steam has not been confirmed yet (though if you want to see it there get voting! 🙂 ) I am sorry for any confusion.

Want to play the game now? You can get it on early access for $9.90, but hurry because the offer ends on Friday, April 11. 

Everyone tweet Bob @IBOL17 to congratulate yet another successful Kickstarter dev! 😀

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