March 23, 2017

Community Managers

As many of you know Raeyn suffers from social anxiety which makes the social media aspects of running a website…well…difficult! For this reason we are pleased to announce we are currently searching for fun, silly people who enjoy engaging with readers to join our team as Community Managers! Working directly under the Social Media Manager a team of Community Managers will represent +10 to Fire Resist on various social media outlets. We are looking to be present on Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, and Reddit. While the writers are expected to promote via these channels as well, we feel a dedicated team of CMs will be even more effective!

To be a Community Manager you need to have an interest in Social Media and love talking to other people! For this position knowledge of games and gaming is a must. You will need to talk to followers in a friendly, knowledgeable way–most importantly you need to be “one of us!” If you love games and the views we hold for them then you will feel right at home as one of our community leaders!

For this position you will engage with current followers and seek out more as per the Social Media Manager’s instructions. You will monitor and moderate behavior among followers. Identify any concerns the followers have and report them back to Social Media Manager or Editor in Chief. +10 is niche so we don’t expect to have thousands of followers, but we want the readers we do have to feel engaged and welcomed.

Most importantly, have fun with it! We would love for you to bring in your own quirks and personality while communicating with our readers. We do NOT want each Community Manager to be a clone of each other, nor do we want them to be an impersonal voice of the blog. Be you and have fun!

This is a volunteer position only.

You will get experience as a Community Manager, references from us, and a place on our staff page!

Please apply by emailing