April 26, 2017

Video Editor

We are currently seeking a video editor to work on The Laughing Sister Show. If you are unaware, The Laughing Sister Show is where Raeyn and Mhorgain sit down and play through a game together while…well…laughing…mostly. Generally we aim for about one month’s worth of content per game (though we may expand this to two months depending), but we need an editor to help us keep up! As the video editor you must already have an editing program of some kind and enough storage to hold rather large raw Fraps files.

Editing duties include:

Syncing audio and video, cutting out slow bits and being silly! The Laughing Sisters Show is meant to be silly and fun, and we encourage you to show off your own personality in your edits! Be creative and most importantly, have fun with it!


If you’re interested in the position, please send an email to Editor@plus10tofireresist.com and we will send you an unedited episode for you to play around with, or you can send us previous projects you’ve worked on. This position is currently unpaid, but has the potential to become paying in the future.