A blog is nothing without content and we’re always looking for writers! If you have thoughts on games, the community, or the industry, we’d love to hear them! We are looking for writers from all walks of life and whose experiences differ from our own. If you feel like you view games differently than those around you but struggle to find a place to make your voice heard, we might be the place to share your unique viewpoints!

Our aim is simple: we want to see games grow and we believe that can only be achieved with diversity.

This is an unpaid position which means we’re not particularly strict on deadlines. Think you only have enough time to write every few months? That works for us!

What we’re looking for

+10 is about diversity and visibility. We’re about diversity in game designers, journalists, characters, settings, and designs. We believe the best way to talk about all aspects of video game design and culture is by having writers who are knowledgeable in these areas. We are looking not only for writers with various ethnicities, religions, sexualities and personal experiences, but also people with the technical knowledge and creative passion to give insight into how games are built as well as how their tired tropes and mechanics can be improved upon. We are looking for designers, programmers, and artists; scholars, academics and critics. If you believe games can be a wonderful medium when allowed to grow, then we would love to bring you on board!

Not a writer?

If writing isn’t your thing but you have thoughts you would like to share, you are more than welcome to make a podcast or join our YouTube team!

To apply please email us at Editor@plus10tofireresist.com with what you would like to write about and we’ll get back to you!

This is a volunteer position.