April 26, 2017

Project Maiden: Now Available for Windows, Mac, and Linux!

Project maiden kickstarter game
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Nearly two years ago I started this blog with my thoughts on a Kickstarter game I had found. The game was called Project Maiden, and I had been immediately drawn in, both by the presence of a female protagonist, and how heavily loss was featured in the game. Project Maiden wasn’t going to be like other games. You weren’t going to see your powers grow over time. You weren’t going to get stronger, at least, not in the traditional sense. Instead your were going to lose your powers as you progressed, forcing you to trust your wit to get through. Project Maiden appealed to me because it turned the trope of power on its head. It appealed to me because for the title’s protagonist, Imogen, to succeed, she would have to rely on strength of character.

I am so very pleased to announce that just a couple of weeks ago, Project Maiden went live on Itch.io with a set your own price model. The game has been released for Windows, Mac and Linux.

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