March 30, 2017

Question of the Week: Do You Watch Let’s Plays?

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I really want to play Amnesia: Machine for Pigs. But after this week’s terrible experience with playing a scary game, I’m not sure I have the emotional strength to do so (I already suffer from anxiety–trying to play a scary game played in to that big time!) Without a good idea of just how scary Machine for Pigs is I knew there was no reason to buy it. So I made the decision to check out a couple YouTube let’s plays to get a feel for how frightening the game really is. This got me thinking about how often I watch let’s plays (super often) and the reasons I do so. Typically I watch the first few episodes to see if the game is going to be something I would want to purchase. If it is, I’ll stop right there so as not to spoil myself. Other times I watch them solely for entertainment purposes. Because of this most of my TV/YouTube time is actually spent watching various YouTubers play games.

Now I want to know: is this normal? Do you watch let’s plays on a regular basis? It can be pretty difficult to find the right let’s player for the right content (I ended up going with Markiplier for the Amnesia video. Bad choice.) If you do watch them, what kinds do you watch? Why do you chose to do so? Is it purely for entertainment, or is it your way of checking out a product before you buy? If you don’t watch let’s plays, what reasons do you have? I thought they were stupid and pointless for quite awhile until I found people that were fun to watch.

As always I hope you have had a splendid week and we’ll see you Monday!



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