March 23, 2017

Question of the Week: PS4 or Xbox One?

Xbox one vs ps4 Which will you buy?

I’m going to come right out and say it: I’m a console gal. This causes occasional strife in the household given my preference for them over the PC which is the polar opposite of Syndrome’s view. So when they announced the next generation consoles, he mostly brushed it aside knowing that he would wait for the games to come out on PC anyway. I, on the other hand, was the one who had to suffer. New consoles? Already? Didn’t they just come out like, five years ago? (Not quite…) While some may find new consoles a thrill, I look at my wallet and sigh. Now that we know next gen will hit us in about a month I want to know: which console will you go for?

We probably won’t get either for a few years. We still have games we want to get on the old consoles so I see no reason to rush out and buy the new ones just for the sake of going “next gen” (which is usually a bunch of gimmicky bullshit anyway).

“Next Gen”

Here’s the thing: you can put in all the new tech you want, but unless you’re actually making progress with the games, it just doesn’t matter. And while there are a handful of games I would be interested in playing (Watch Dogs for one), it just doesn’t warrant purchasing a shiny new console when the ones I have are fine. Xbox is going on about how “cool” their new system is with their stupid Kinect capabilities (woo-hoo. Does anyone actually care about that damn thing? Oh hey, you want to reach a new level of laziness? Excellent, we have just the thing for you! You can now tell your system when to turn on and what to do without all the stress and fatigue of using your controller. What a relief!) to the point where they were at one point insisting you couldn’t even use the bloody system unless the Kinect was on (they’ve since found their brains and decided maybe that isn’t such a great idea. Hopefully that also means there will now be a Kinect-free (and therefore cheaper) option available.)

But Sony isn’t free from my ridicule either. They decided to “get with the times” so they threw on a touchpad to their controller because, you know, sticks and buttons just weren’t enough. To be different and special obviously they needed to add more.

I bloody hate touchscreens. Hate. Them. I recently got my first “smart phone” and it has given me nothing but misery. I want my damn buttons back… And unless you can choose to play games either entirely with the touchpad or entirely with the sticks, something tells me this choice had nothing to do with accessibility.

I’m sure they’ll have some blow-your-mind reveal where they show just how “cool” the touchpad really is, but again, I can’t help but feel these priorities are misplaced. I want to see better tech that is behind-the-scenes. I want to see better engines, better operation, and I want to see generally better interfaces. But instead they’re going to focus on the shiny shit…


I personally have always preferred the Playstation to the Xbox. Always. Part of it I think is that I started out on the original Playstation and my first time playing the Xbox wasn’t until I met Syndrome. Part of it is an aesthetic thing. I mean, good grief, who the hell designed the 360? The box itself is horrendous, the menu and interface feels awkward and clunky, and the colors are annoying. The Playstation 3, on the other hand, is my favorite console of all time in terms of aesthetics. It’s sleek, black, has a slim design, and I love the homescreen. The colors are relaxing, the music is calm. Very nice overall feel. My second issue has always been with the controllers. I am not sure why I hate the Xbox controller so much, but I think it has to do with the fact that the PS3’s fits my hand better. I have very long fingers, but my actual hand, the palm bit, is rather small (I have ridiculously dainty hands–I was meant to be a pianist apparently). It’s a bit like holding a football for me. The one time I tried to throw a football it just fell out of my hand because I wasn’t able to actually hold it. The same is somewhat true for the 360 controller. While it doesn’t fall out of my grasp while I’m playing, it just feels super clunky in my hold. Bleck.

While the appearance alone should not influence which console you choose, for me it’s just another nail in the coffin for Xbox. While Xbox One is leaps and bounds ahead of the 360, I still find the Playstation to be more appealing. And while the Playstation controller looks bigger, it still doesn’t look as awkward and uncomfortable as the Xbox One’s.


To be perfectly honest it has been a long time since I’ve seen a triple A title that got me excited. Anymore games all tend to feel a bit stale, overused. There is so little originality that I find myself playing indie titles half the time. They may not be popular, but at least they’re fresh and pushing the envelope. AAA games make the promise that what they’re doing is really awesome, but in the end they usually ruin it in some way or another (Fable III anyone?) When it comes to the games being pushed for the next gen consoles, I just don’t get the fresh, innovative feeling offered by indie games. Once again it is all about the gimmicks (i.e. what your controller can do, what the console can do) rather than the game. If the story is bland, the gameplay dull, and the artwork sub-par, then I don’t care how nifty your little touchpad interface is because it’s just not worth my time.

What about you? Will you be purchasing one of the next gen consoles in the near future? How do you feel about the gimmicky nature of games and game design? Will you buy them both anyway, just because you have to see what they’re about?

We hope you have had a lovely week! It’s raining here so I’m in a pretty love mood and I hope you are as well!

‘Till Monday!




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