March 30, 2017

Question of the Week: What Are Your World of Warcraft Pet Peeves?

World of warcraft top 10 pet peeves
World of warcraft top 10 pet peeves

Well. It has certainly been a pretty weird week for me! Thankfully I am feeling better, but I’m still not 100%. At this point my jaw trouble has become more of a nuisance than anything else, so next week everything should be perfectly back to normal. Thanks for all of your patience, I really appreciate it!

Not only has my pain diminished, but RelativeSanity’s computer has been fixed at last. As you may imagine we immediately logged on to World of Warcraft to check out the Timeless Isle. While we didn’t play for long it was enough to bring back to my attention all of the little things that bug me about the game as well as its players. It made me wonder, what are your World of Warcraft pet peeves? Here are my top ten:

NOTE: Most of these are completely irrational pet peeves, and I completely acknowledge that. No offence is intended. 🙂

1. People Who Stand in Others

I don’t know why this bothers me so much, but it drives me bonkers when people walk through me or stand on top of me. Ugh! Have some respect, yo?!?

World of warcraft top 10 pet peeves
Dudes, there’s another banker over there…and he looks so lonely… ©Blizzard

2. Jumpers!

Even more annoying than the people who invade my personal space are the people who can’t…stop…jumping. You know the type. Maybe you are that person. o.0 These people just can’t sit still. Discussing strategy for a particular pull? This person is bouncing all over the screen. Sometimes they even unintentionally pull the boss so extreme is their inability to calm thy selves. I think the main reason these people bother me is that they come off impatient and I tend to not have the patience for impatient people in WoW (yeah, figure that one out!)

World of warcraft top 10 pet peeves
Boing! Boing! Boing! Boing! ©Blizzard

3. Calling Capes Cloaks

I freaking love cloaks. If I ever get rich, I will bring them back because I adore how they look, and they seem so comfy! Perhaps it’s all of the fantasy I read/write/play, but cloaks have a certain mysterious charm about them that I’m all for. So when I found out cloaks in World of Warcraft were actually capes, I was pretty bummed.

World of warcraft top 10 pet peeves
Sorry honey, but that’s a table runner, not a cloak. :/ © Blizzard

4. Guild Accessories Don’t Match

Continuing with the clothing complaints let’s talk about guild merchandise. Syn and I run a guild and I have spent many an hour fretting over the tabard design. Just when I thought I was pleased with it I saw it on the guild mount banner, and then held by the guild Herald (or page–I can never keep them straight). And then I facepalmed. I hate pink. A lot. As you can imagine it disappointed me greatly to find that, while the color on the tabard was just how I wanted it, such was not the case on other items.

World of warcraft top 10 pet peeves
Are you sure you’re representing the correct guild, Pal? © Blizzard

5. Mail Is Cloth?

Why does mail armor so rarely look like mail? The above is my current transmog and, while you can’t really see much mail, at least leather is something it makes sense for it to be paired with. But cloth? Seriously? I can find nothing mail about those pants…

World of warcraft top 10 pet peeves
Leather+cloth=mail? Mmmhmmm… ©Blizzard

6. Hideous Shoulders That You Cannot Hide

My last gear related pet peeve relates to shoulders, and how horrendously awful they oftentimes look. I’d be okay with this (lots of people do like the designs) if it weren’t for the fact that I can’t hide them. Shoulders are almost always the last part of my set to be decided on because they just never match. When they do match they’re so over the top that it ruins the entire look (particularly for clothies!)

World of warcraft top 10 pet peeves
I can see how one shoulder could be beneficial, but come on… ©Blizzard

7. No Night

I have seen this complained about a lot on the forums, and while I’ve read that there is a fix in the works, I’m still going to include it because it bugs me. BIG TIME.

World of warcraft top 10 pet peeves
Gorgeous. ©Blizzard

I love night time. Even as an infant I was a night owl, so it’s no surprise that my favorite time of day is actually night.

The above image was taken last August when I saw the Legendary Staff ceremony for the first time and snapped a quick screenshot. It was so hauntingly beautiful, I watched it until Tarecgosa had faded from sight. Simply stunning.

World of warcraft top 10 pet peeves
NOOOOOO! ©Blizzard

But then this happened. Now when I visit Stormwind at the same time of night the sky and lighting looks like this, and honestly it breaks my heart.

I understand that not everyone loves the night as much as I do. I also understand that most people are only able to play at night and so they don’t want to play in full darkness every single day. I get that and I sympathize. But that’s why sliders would be an amazing new feature. Those of us who like it dark could have it that way, and those who like things a little brighter could opt for that as well. OPTIONS are always a great idea in games, and the representation of night time is one that I am most passionate about.

8. People Who AFK While Flying

This is another of my completely irrational pet peeves, but I always get a little annoyed when I fly into a city and am met with 30 people hovering all of the place, clearly AFK. I always land, whether I’m AFK or not, and it grinds my gears when others don’t. 🙂

World of warcraft top 10 pet peeves
Poor mounts… ©Blizzard

9. MASSIVE Tables and Chairs

Sitting at an Inn looks freaking weird when the table, chairs and items dwarf you so severely. I feel like a gnome no matter where I go, and it’s rather disconcerting….

World of warcraft top 10 pet peeves
How can a night elf look so tiny in a human bar?? ©Blizzard

10. Seats You Cannot Use

I try to interact with nearly every item in game. Nothing gets me more excited than being able to in some way use a random object, particularly when it serves no purpose in the grand scheme of things. But when something like a bench, which we can interact with in some zones, is unusable in others, it makes me irrationally disappointed. I get really bummed that I can’t sit down on that bench or chair, because I know they have the technology to do so!

World of warcraft top 10 pet peeves
Well poo, I guess I’ll just kneel. ©Blizzard

So what are some of your silly pet peeves? Do you have certain game features or player behaviors that annoy you for no good reason?

As always, have a wonderful weekend and we shall see you on Monday!






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