March 23, 2017

Question of the Week: What Game World is Visually Your Favorite?

One of the most commonly held beliefs about video games is that graphics are inferior to every other aspect. Nothing is more important to a game than gameplay and mechanics, and people who care too much about how a game looks are completely missing the point. Obviously they aren’t real gamers, they’re just trying to get in on what’s popular. I cannot disagree with this more. Graphics are just as important to the overall feel of a game as any other aspect and to say otherwise is just ignorant. Video games are a visual medium, the same as TV, film and theater. To say that the aesthetic feel of a game isn’t important is nothing short of mind blowing to me. So here’s my question of the week: what is your favorite game world based on its visual design?

Guild wars 2 beautiful world
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For me this is a pretty tough question. There are so many games that are nothing short of beautiful. I played the Guild Wars 2 free trial last month and while I was blown away by the Sylvari city, the rest of the game failed to impress me.

World of Warcraft has always been a stunning environment to me. In the beginning I tried to give Horde a chance but I just couldn’t do it. Horde zones are so…brown…drab…just bleck. But then I found night elves and immediately was hooked. Their zone was gorgeous and I felt for their race more than any other.

But recently I’ve been playing Trine 2. And I think it takes the cake. While the world is not as fleshed out as a world from an RPG or MMO, it is probably the most beautiful game world I have ever seen. The light design and water consistently distract me from the actual gameplay as I just soak in the beauty.

What are your favorite game worlds as far as their visuals? What, to you, makes a great game world?

Here’s hoping you had a great week and will have a tremendously awesome weekend!



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