March 23, 2017

Question of the Week: What’s Your Favorite In-Game Holiday?

I love fall. So much so that if I had a child, I would name her Autumn. So it might not come as much of a surprise that my my absolute favorite in-game holiday, regardless of the game, is Halloween.

© Blizzard Entertainment

I particularly love Hallow’s End in World of Warcraft. The Horseman wreaking havoc in Goldshire; the silly candies which can give funny effects; pumpkin heads…. Sigh. It’s glorious.

© Blizzard Entertainment

What are (or were) your favorite holidays as presented in a video game? While festivals in MMOs are usually the most fun, a close second for me is the Seasons expansion to the Sims 3. You can carve pumpkins (awesome!) and during “Christmas” you can have a gift giving party where you get free stuff!

© Blizzard Entertainment

Not into holidays, or just plain tired of them? What would you like to see added to make them more appealing?

I hope you had a fantastic week! Stay safe, stay kind, and have a beautiful weekend. Be sure to stop back next Monday for a special announcement! 😉



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