March 23, 2017

Question of the Week: Will You Buy Sims 4?

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Recently EA announced that we can expect to see the Sims 4, which is currently in development, some time in 2014 on both PC and Mac. As fans of the Sims ourselves we want to know: will any of you simmers be giving this new installment a go?

It’s no secret that the Sims 3, despite its charm and addictive qualities, is a fairly awful game. The bugs alone can make it an unbearable experience, and the ten expansions plus the nine stuff packs have proven an excellent way to alienate and anger your audience.

While we aren’t going to go into our thoughts about the Sims franchise at this time (though check back next Wednesday when Raeyn explains why teen pregnancy should be a thing), we want to know your thoughts. Have you been burned too many times by this franchise? Are you still waiting for the already released content to go down in price so you can buy the expansions you are actually interested in? (We’re looking at you, Seasons…) Are the bugs and general performance issues too much to make you even bother again?

Or are you willing to give it a go anyway? Maybe you’re on the fence. What features would they have to announce to convince you?

The Sims is the franchise we love to hate and the jury is still out for Raeyn and Syndrome, are you in the same situation? Send us a tweet @10tofireresist with your vote!

As always we hope you have a lovely weekend!



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2 Comments on Question of the Week: Will You Buy Sims 4?

  1. Initially that was my thought as well! But then I started to think about all that goes into the game and just how much is really there. IF (and with EA this is a HUGE if) they manage to make certain content part of the base game (like pets, generations, and maybe even seasons) I wouldn’t have as much of an issue with forking out $80. Heck, I wouldn’t mind spending $90 on a GOOD game that actually feels complete (and of course that I’ll go on to play for years and years).

    BUT. Will those features be standard? As far as I know they haven’t really elaborated either way. So if the game is going to be almost the same as the base Sims 3 game, then hell no.

    Thanks for your comment and I absolutely love your name!! 🙂

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