March 23, 2017

Question of the Week: Would You Go as a Video Game Character for Halloween?

assassin's creed halloween costume question of the week would you dress as a video game character
assassin's creed halloween costume question of the week would you dress as a video game character

I love Halloween. Love. It. As a child I used to be the one who decorated the front porch for the trick-or-treaters. I would spend days thinking up my set, my costume, and my lighting. As soon as I got home I would get to work transforming the porch into that year’s theme. For many years I went with Harry Potter, even going so far as to cut out dozens of cardboard “badges”, painting them different colors, and writing S.P.E.W. They sat in a box that was propped partly open and had a list of members scrawled on the inside flap.

Halloween, man. I get into it.

This year for the first time I contemplated a video game costume. I so loved the outfit Elizabeth wore at the beginning of Bioshock Infinite that I decided that’s who I would be (unless of course I was River Song…decisions, decisions…) Unfortunately my hair just didn’t make it. I’ve been steadily growing out a pixie lately and while it barely brushes my shoulders, that won’t cut it for either of those characters.

So now I’m considering a generic night elf from World of Warcraft. My hair will be purple soon so why not?

What about you? Have you or anyone you know ever dressed as a video game character? Are you thinking about doing so this year? If you have (or do) be sure to send us pictures as we’d LOVE to see them!

We hope you have had a wonderful week and are heading into a fantastic weekend. If you play World of Warcraft and have a moment to spare this Saturday, consider stopping by the Scarlet Crusade server at 7pm EST for the fourth annual Running of the Gnomes to benefit breast cancer. It’s a lot of fun, we did it last year, and I highly suggest you check it out. All you have to do is roll a level 1 pink haired gnome and wait for the fun to begin!



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