April 26, 2017

Question of the Week: Would You Play an Established Franchise or an Unknown?

Is brand loyalty killing the game market?
Is brand loyalty killing the game market?

With all of our focus set on the new Everquest title this week it made us wonder…are you more likely to play a new MMORPG part of an already established franchise or are you willing to let an unknown have a chance? Let us know in this week’s “Question of the Week!”

Here at +10 to Fire Resist we discuss quite a few indie games. We believe in giving underdogs a chance given their proclivity for pushing boundaries and taking the chances major publishers never would. But it’s not always an indie company suffering from lack of an established name. With the MMORPG race there are tons of games being put out by big name developers new to the genre and without successful precursors. Against so formidable an opponent as Everquest Next we want to know if you’ll even give these other games the time of day.

Let us know your thoughts! Do you try games based on brand loyalty alone? When trying something new do you avoid games from developers and publishers you haven’t had experience with? If so, why? We admit that, while we like to keep an open mind about games and at least test everything we can access, we do often veer more towards companies who have shown they have what it takes in the past when it comes to massive undertakings such as MMOs. Is this a bias you share?

Happy weekend folks!


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