June 27, 2017

Game Review: Type:Rider

January 22, 2014 0

Ever wondered how fonts got their names? When I was younger I used to spend an embarrassing amount of time going through fonts on Microsoft Word to find the “perfect” one. You know, the font […]

Kickstarter Game: Antilia

January 14, 2014 0

I love getting into character when playing video games. There is nothing I enjoy more than designing my character from the ground up, figuring out not only their appearance, but their personalities, their likes and […]

+10 to Fire Resist Gaming Awards

January 8, 2014 0

When the end of the year rolls around it’s not uncommon to see various sites reminiscing on the past 365 days, and gaming websites are no different. But (as is so common with us) we […]

Kickstarter Games: Where Are They Now? Volume II

December 23, 2013 0

With Christmas only a few days away the last minute scramble to make sure everything is ready has officially commenced (What do you mean we only have two feet of wrapping paper left?!?), so for this week’s […]

Kickstarter Game: Kingdom Espionage

December 16, 2013 0

The hiatus is over! As promised after a two week break we have returned and are delighted to be here. As always we’re starting the week with a Kickstarter game we feel is worth backing. […]

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