June 28, 2017

Crowdfunding Game: Solo

February 3, 2017 0

Solo is a game about love. Currently crowdfunding on Fig, Solo is aiming for release in Q1 of 2018, when it will be a fully realised puzzle and narrative game designed to help the player […]

Kickstarter Game: Queer Quest

October 12, 2016 0

I love to cover Kickstarters for the kinds of games that I think really deserve to belong in the industry, those that come from small but dedicated studios, and those that feature characters who are […]

Kickstarter Game: Talk To Me

July 7, 2016 0

Recently I was contacted by Lina at Boop Studios about the demo for their upcoming game Talk To Me. I was told that it’s a visual novel with a cast specifically designed to be diverse, […]

Thoughts on That Dragon, Cancer

January 27, 2016 0

That Dragon, Cancer is difficult to write about when you have a lot of space between yourself and the subject matter. I’ve never had a loved one suffer or pass away from cancer (except my […]

Kickstarter Game: Not Your Space

November 18, 2015 0

Nearly two years ago, Syn wrote a piece about Approaching Infinity, a rogue-like space game by Bob Saunders on Kickstarter. The following year the game was completed and released for the world to enjoy. Now, Saunders […]

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