April 26, 2017

Would You…Play as the Cops in a Need for Speed-esque Racing Game?

Need for Speed Most Wanted
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While playing Need for Speed Most wanted I started thinking about how cool it would be to have a racing game that was its reverse. I get fairly tired of playing as a bunch of criminals, what might it be like to get a taste of the opposite point of view? What if you could play as the police officers on a mission to lock up as many street racers as possible?

If so, how would you want to do it? Just a straight racing game where, rather than attempting to beat the other car the goal is to “bust” them, or would you prefer that it have more depth? Perhaps you could coordinate with other officers and the dispatcher to set traps. Maybe there would almost be a strategy element to it, where you could open your map and decide where to send your forces.

What do you think? Would a game like this interest you at all? Would it bore you to death? What changes would you put in to make it more appealing? Have you played any of the games of this nature that already exist? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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2 Comments on Would You…Play as the Cops in a Need for Speed-esque Racing Game?

  1. I think the idea of an everyday hero is quite interesting. Like you said we have legendary heroes, saviors of worlds, and antiheroes in video games, but we rarely have a normal dude fighting crime as opposed to monsters. Also, given how many people do have dreams of being officers of the law as children it does stand to reason that said people would enjoy playing a game which allows them to do so.

    What could be even cooler than a cop Need for Speed is a Grand Theft Auto open world type situation where you play as a cop. So not only would you have the option to race (in training with fellow cops, or when trying to take down baddies), but you could also go on patrols, intervene when you see something “suspicious”, or stop everything to rush to an emergency. What’s more there wouldn’t need to be the focus on blood and gore that so many games have these days. You would be PENALIZED for using violence or excessive force. While you would have a gun and baton, it would be up to you to use them wisely and when the situation calls for it. Too many strikes against you and it’s game over (like, proper game over where you have to start a new game, not just continue from your last check point.)

    Sigh. I would so play this game. 🙂

  2. I would absolutely play as a cop in a Need for Speed-esque game. Partially, I suppose, from my childhood dream of being a police officer and fighting evil for a living…and partially because it would be a nice way to shake things up. I think, much like in the game Driver or even Mario Kart, there should be different options for how you play. One way would be as a police officer ‘in the real world’–that is, with backup if you need it (or they need you) and also just the regular busting a police officer might take part in on a typical day. Speed traps would be awesome. On the flip side, when I want to just race, that should be a game option.
    I think the dynamic this would bring to gaming would be rather substantial. How many games are there out there where you play as just a typical, every day hero? Not an assassin, or mercenary, or war-hero, or bounty hunter–just someone who can not only kick butt, but kick the right kinds of butts (as in, SPOILER, busting actually b.a.d. guys.) I think there would be a ton of people (like me) who would get a kick out of playing a character with the job a lot of kids say they want to be when they grow up. My career choices have changed since I was eight, but hey–I still secretly want to be a police officer.
    So let me know if this ever happens, yeah?

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