March 23, 2017

Question of the Week: Would you play as Zelda on a quest to rescue Link?

Would You Play as Zelda
Glory Days © Split-Heart. Zelda © Nintendo.

As a community we are here to look at games and the industry critically. Our aim is to discover ways in which we can all enrich our gaming experience, and sometimes even delve into the “Big Issues”. At times, this can result in an overwhelming feeling of solemnity. But we are still gamers, and that means we embrace fun as much as the next person, particularly when it involves the things we love most. So to end each week with a dose of levity we bring you our “Question of the Week” articles in which we come up with a game scenario and ask for your thoughts. This week we want to know: Would you play as Zelda on an adventure to save Link and Hyrule?

We believe it is time for Zelda to have some ass-kicking moments of her own to finally shine as a non-damseled character. In Twilight Princess we saw hints of this, but not nearly to the extent that we feel would be utterly amazing. Zelda is the character who embodies wisdom after all, and it only makes sense for her to be given the opportunity to use her cleverness as much as Link has used his courage. We offer you three scenarios:

  • Link is somehow taken prisoner or otherwise out of commission and Zelda must go on a harrowing adventure to rescue him. The focus will be more on proper puzzles and logic rather than the busywork we so often see in Zelda dungeons. What’s more, combat can still exist in the game as she becomes a new incarnation of the beloved Sheik.
  • Halfway through Link’s epic quest he is taken captive or falls terribly ill, etc, and Zelda must pick up where he left off. Perhaps there could be a social/reputation aspect to this where your decision to visit towns as either Zelda or Sheik affects gameplay.
  • Link and Zelda meet fairly early on and adventure together to save Hyrule. You can switch between characters to take advantage of their individual strengths. The character you are not currently controlling will assist you in combat or can be directed to stand on switches, etc. This could potentially allow for a multiplayer capability.

So what are your thoughts? I’m not particularly keen on the mulitplayer option, but do you think it is something that could be welcomed to the Legend of Zelda franchise? Ever since Zelda entered the Smash Bros. scene she has been my go-to character and I’ve been hoping for the opportunity to play her in her own world. Let us know what you think in the comments and we hope you have a fantastic weekend!

Glory Days © Split-Heart.
Zelda © Nintendo.






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