October 24, 2016
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    Announcing the +10 to Fire Resist Merch Shop!

    Hello everyone, today’s a day of exciting news! I’m delighted to announce the opening of our +10 to Fire Resist Merch Shop! Throws confetti, silly string, party crackers. Also a firework because this is imaginary and [...]
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    Kickstarter Game: Queer Quest

    I love to cover Kickstarters for the kinds of games that I think really deserve to belong in the industry, those that come from small but dedicated studios, and those that feature characters who are [...]
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    Kickstarter Game: The Rabbit and the Owl

    Between this and my last Kickstarter spotlight, you might be noticing a trend about me: I’m a sucker for games featuring cute animals. But can you blame me?! Accordingly, The Rabbit and the Owl is a [...]
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    Kickstarter Game: Russian Subway Dogs

    I recently discussed the lack of games set around the world that do not focus on either war or sport, and since then I’ve been on the lookout for more exceptions to this rule. And [...]
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In the Spotlight

Introducing The Safe Space Gaming Tavern!

by Raeyn in News 0

Hello everyone! Today I’d like to announce an exciting project we’ve been working on for all of you, our wonderful community! Together with Jay from Feminist Gaming Matters we’re opening up a a Discord server where [...]

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